LLC "Sambir DEMZ" takes orders for production of parts and hardware according to your drawings and sketches (design drawings are available at our enterprise). Welding and painting are possible at our plant as well.

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PJSC "Sambir DEMZ"

To fulfill your orders our company possesses such equipment:         

1. Guillotine shears for cutting sheet metal with thickness from 0,8 to 13mm. The maximum width of the workpiece is 1700 mm.

2. Pneumatic presses with force from 25 to 160 tons, which are used to perform various operations such as cold sheet-metal stamping, forming holes, cutting parts along the contour, sheet-metal draw-forming and moulding of different configurations.

3. Complex welding system Fronius Vario Synergic 5000. Machines for point, longitudinal and circumferential welding of sheet steel with thickness from 0,8 to 2 mm. The length of a longitudinal seam is 0,5 meters. The maximum diameter of round parts is 400 mm. Welders "SELMA" are used  for welding of parts, components and metal constructions in carbon dioxide environment.

4. Bandsaw machine “Myt” for cutting parts and pieces from a circle with a diameter of up to 200mm with an accuracy to 1mm.

5. Thread-cutting lathe for machining of workpieces with a diameter of up to 400 mm, which is used for various turning operations and threading.

6. Milling machines for working with thick metal: trimming blanks, milling holes of different shapes in three dimensions. The sizes of blanks are up to 100x500x1000 mm.

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PJSC "Sambir DEMZ"

7. Circular, internal and longitudinal grinding machines for grinding parts after heat treatment.

8. Radial and vertical drilling machines for drilling holes and thread cutting.

9. Drawing bench, on which a workpiece with a diameter from 8 to 30 mm is drawn through dies in order to adjust it to the required size for thread rolling.

10.Thread-rolling machines, on which thread with a pitch of 1, 1,25, 1,5, 2, 2,5 and 3 mm is rolled on a workpiece by extrusion.

11. Machines for bending U-bolts, which bend a workpiece with a diameter from 8 to 30 mm into a U-shaped form.

12. Furnace for heat treatment of parts such as tempering, normalizing and hardening.

13. Pipe-bending machines for bending pipes 51x2.0 mm with a bend from 120 to 170 degrees and pipes 63,5x2.0 mm with a bend from 160 to 170 degrees in three dimensions.

14. Painting section.

15.Tool workshop is engaged in manufacturing and repairing of various devices.


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